Sioux Lookout Regional Physicians Services Inc.


Sioux Lookout has a range of housing options to meet any lifesytle needs.

Surrounded by natural beauty the Town Of Sioux Lookout is situated on multiple lakes which creates the opportunity for picturesque living arrangements.

With plenty of short-term and long-term housing options a maximum ten minutes drive from the hospital you can live the country lifesytle and still be on call.

Because of its status as "Hub of the North" Sioux Lookout has a great housing market and its serviced by several Real Estate agencies including:

The realtors in Sioux Lookout also assist with locating rental units.

According to Statistics Canada, the average value of owned dwellings in 2006 was $184,898, and the median monthly payment for a rented dwelling in 2006 was $740.

There is not much better than the lake lifestyle in July!